Soundcharts is a leading European and global music analytics platform. They aggregate data from various sources into one dashboard/API, providing actionable insights to industry professionals. Their real-time data system covers every aspect of a career, including social media, streaming, and radio airplay, enabling users to build dashboards and apps with our API.

StationOps is a SaaS DevOps tool for companies seeking to avoid the complexities/costs of hiring or outsourcing a DevOps team. Their platform offers a user-friendly interface, allowing seamless setup of the necessary infrastructure and CI/CD for your application into your own AWS account. They blend the simplicity of platform as a Service (PAAS) with the robust capabilities of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), ensuring an optimal balance of ease and control.

LIFT99 is a home for international tech talent, whether they’re traveling around the world or looking for a place to set down roots. A community center that focuses on people and the magic that can happen between them first and foremost, worrying about real estate later.

MIDƐM+ 2024 is an augmented, experiential and collaborative festival placing music at the heart of tomorrow’s challenges, turning the city into a place for inspiration, learning, innovation, networking, and developing business opportunities. Gathering 5,000+ attendees from 90+ countries and 1,900+ companies during its last edition in 2019, the world’s largest music industry event is back in Cannes January 24th-27th to create bridges between all the cultural & creative industries and beyond, within the current context of convergence.

Music Ally launched in 2002 with a mission to help the global music industry to thrive from digital disruption rather than fear it. 

Music Ally helps people learn, grow, and build sustainable careers where music and technology meets – through thought-leading analysis, training, events, and hands-on work.

Over time, Music Ally started to provide more hands-on marketing services, working directly with artists, labels and managers on their strategy and implementation.

Music Ally also plays a role connecting our different communities by organising regular conferences, including NY:LON Connect and Sandbox Summit in London and New York, and social events.

MTE is an independent European network of non-profit organizations working in the field of music innovation and music technology.

MTE mission is to create a one-of-its-kind ecosystem of music technology innovation in and from Europe and develop programs and initiatives to place music and technology into the spotlight in the debate and actions to improve European competitiveness.

MusicTech Europe as a network is equal to both music and technology sectors and we believe in the future with one “music business” covering the traditional music sectors as well as tech and innovation ecosystems. MTE programs are designed to build new concepts, businesses and collaboration matching music businesses and innovative technology providers. This is crucial for the growth of the music sector and to be able to compete with big global markets. 

MusicTech Europe stands for efficient knowledge transfer between technology providers and the music sector, collective intelligence, open knowledge, cross-border collaboration, more applied innovation of practically oriented and scientifically founded research, greater diversity and inclusion.

Orfium is transforming the music and entertainment industry with market-leading technology. 

We’re engineering the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and music reporting solutions so that whenever music is played in the world, we’re working behind the scenes to track it, deliver the data and help creators, rights holders and media companies track, report and monetize usage.

Our passion is building software that enhances the entertainment industry for all stakeholders.



Universal Music Group is the world’s leading music company. We exist to shape culture through the power of artistry. We own and operate a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content in more than 60 territories.

The Digital Innovation team has a global remit and is focused on driving ethical and responsible innovation in the music-tech ecosystem, through the development of the next generation of startups. Amongst others, we
encourage companies that deliver new experiences and benefits to consumers, revolutionise artist and fan engagement, or provide advantages to the music industry as a whole.  

We support the entrepreneurial journey every step of the way, including education, ideation events, mentorship, and where applicable, helping to facilitate partnerships, pilots and licensing conversations. The Digital Innovation team has evaluated and mentored over 1500 startups since its inception six years ago.