Afroplug is the ultimate marketplace for Afro Genres Music Production Tools.

Trusted and used by Top Producers, Grammy Winners included, working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Drake, Aya Nakamura, Sean Paul, Davido, and Travis Scott.

Our platform is the go-to destination for producers looking to access an exclusive collection of premium Afrobeat, Afro-pop, Reggae, Amapiano and more global music loops and samples and AI creative Tools.



Arenametrix is answering the needs for all event organizers to leverage today’s data in order to develop tomorrow’s audience.

Data centralisation is key!

Our platform ensures an automated centralisation of data from different sources (ticketing, access control, newsletter, social network, website, …) which are all valuable pieces of information.

Arenametrix allows you to make in depth analysis and segmentation to activate campaigns through all your marketing channels, it guarantees you will reach new audiences, and increase revenues.

Audacia Innovations


Audacia Innovations is the world first marketing agency helping record labels and artists to accelerate their careers, increase views and streaming and consequently their profits through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence tools.

Managed by Data Scientists and Music Business Strategits with decades of experience,pioneers in building hits and marketing artists and catalogs of all genres of music, in the digital marketplace. We decided to put our expertise at your service. Starting today, you can enter the future with us, too!



Drumap is creating an ecosystem of digital tools for drummers worldwide. The company aims to make music more accessible and fun. It has already launched two apps (Drumap app and Drum Coach) and has built a community of over 200k musicians.



FEST is the community-oriented mobile application designed for organizers targeting festivalgoers. The FEST app is made to enhance the festivalgoers’ experience, replace paper programs, and offer a means of digital communication for events.

The application was created to provide essential information to festival attendees (schedules, artist lineup, map, cashless top-up, ticketing). FEST also provides to organizers a way to communicate in real-time with their audience, promoting partners, ensuring safety (evacuation, risk prevention) and informing about last-minute changes.

FEST is a turnkey tool that consists of a mobile app and a web-based back office to manage the content.



IZI is a startup that has developed the Recording Together System (RTS). A new technology to CREATE CONTENT TOGETHER. It empowers users to create unique memories from an event.

It combines 3 features: 1) The users can record anything anytime, crowdsourcing Multi Camera Video Recordings 2) The sound desk provides HiFi Sound 3) State-of-the-art Deep Learning Algorithm provides automatic video edition, mixing all the different video recordings to deliver a customized video for each user.

A technology that allows users to create through an AI production (as in TV) an enrichment of their own video using that other’s videos generated in the same event as sources and perfectly synchronized with the audio generated from the sound table.



Meloom’s mission is to help millions of people maintain good mental health and well-being through playing a musical instrument, becoming the flagship of online music learning world-wide.

Meloom aims to lead the global market in online music education, positioning itself as the first offering that enhances people’s well-being by teaching them to play a musical instrument through personalized and adaptive programs.

Meloom’s proposal combines two elements of general interest to the general public: music and health.




Mood’s mobile app allows users to listen to the music playing in venues around them in real-time, while amplifying exposure for DJs and venues. Within the mood app, DJs can create their profile, post their schedule and showcase their unique music proposition to the users. Mood’s real-time music data from venues have the potential to revolutionise the music industry by bridging the “data gap” in public performance.



Oratrex integrates with existing ticketing platforms to transform tickets into unique, unforgeable digital assets, creating a secure and fair Fan-to-Fan channel that is controlled by the promoter by the promoter at all times.  

As a result, fans can focus on enjoying live events in a secure way, going from being a mere statistic to being a unique profile who invests in seeing their idols live and who deserves to be rewarded as such without having to give away any personal data.

Your Music Marketing


Ads Performance Manager tailored for the Music Industry: Increase, monitor, and optimize music-related objectives on social media ads using our automated optimisation algorithm and data attribution technology.